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See The Latest Guidelines On Schools Resumption Wey Minister Of Education Bin Release

Nigeria ministry of education don release di latest guidelines wey school must follow before dem reopen for di kontri.

But dem no tok wen schools go open. Na since March authorities close down all schools for di kontri sake of di coronavirus pandemic.

Dis latest guidelines wey di Federal Ministry of of Education release dey come as di Nigerian goment release date for resumption of international flight, open churches and mosque across di kontri as dem ease down some of di lockdown restriction.

Even as goment dey give chances for tins to come to normal as cases of coronavirus for di kontri still dey increase, e get rules wey di school dem suppose follow before and when di open again to reduce di spread of di virus.

Currently di number of coronavirus cases for di kontri na 49,895, while di disease don kill 981.

Guidelines for schools wen dem reopen

Training of teachers and oda personnel on safety and hygiene measures.

Dem must establish Covid-19 referral system

Dem must make sure say ambulance dey available and dem must get access to testing/isolation/ treatment centres including NCDC helpline and state goment facilities dem

Dem must make sure say dem get water, sensitization and Hygiene (WASH0 for inside di school premises

Dem must reduce di number of pipo for dia classroom, hostels worship centres and oda space dem

Encourage pipo to use open space for gathering and promote outdoor activities

Dem must get committee wey go dey monitor and enforce di Covid-19 guidelines dem

Guidelines for schools before dem reopen

Di guidelines must get different learning option dem for specific learning program wey go make sure say e dey fair for learning

Dem must review dia policy, practices, and di danger to use schools for oda purpose dem like distance learning centres, temporary shelters, isolation, quarantine and treatment centres, markets, voting centers, and odas

Dem must develop and display simple protocols wey schools go use operate every day

Dem must check well-well for anything wey fit cause wahala for dia system and increase di risk of transmission and suggest ways dem go use address am

Di safety and hygiene for all stages and phases of di school reopening process go promote behaviour wey go reduce di spread like school movement ( to and from school travelling) safe distance, frequent hand washing and di use of facemasks

In case di school no fit fulfil dis option dem fit consider di option to say for house and do online learning. Even dat one too get dia own guidelines

Stay for house and online learning

Dem must do online training wey no go only prepare teachers to teach in a way wey go safeguard di health, safety, and security of dia learners but also help dem to learn with 21st-century based technology.

Dem must give learners access to dia online resource materials, online learning platforms, radio, or TVprograms

Children and young pipo suppose stay for house and wash dia hands regularly, maintain personal hygiene, and follow di NCDC/WHOCOVID-19 guidelines.

Nigerian schools reopening

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To make sure say schools dey follow di guidelines authorities dem go carry out periodic Joint Risk Assessment, dat one mean say go check schools from time to time to see if dem dey follow dis guidelines dem.


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