See What A Man Allegedly Did After His Date Ordered For A Bottle Of Champagne During Their Outing

It is a normal thing for two grown up adults to go out on a date together, and have a nice time doing whatever fun they choose to do during their outing.

A lady on Twitter known as Vivian, has took to her personal Twitter account to reminisce about a guy did on their outing. According to Vivian, the guy asked her to order for what she wants which she did but what happened afterwards was unpredictable.

She continued by saying he excused himself by claiming he wanted to use the bathroom, after she ordered for a bottle of champagne, but the guy didn’t come back.

See her tweet below.

“I went out on a date with this guy, he asked me to make my orders , I ordered for a bottle of champagne then he told me he wants to go to the bathroom after 1hour of waiting he never came back.”

Perhaps the drink was expensive and to avoid embarrassment he left the place without her knowledge.

What do you think about what he did?
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