See What Men Did To This Woman When She Was On Bike




How men publicly harassed a woman when she was on Bike

Just in Agege road, a woman was on her way to the market and decided to go with bike since there will be a lot of vehicles moving on the road which will actually lead to Hold-up on the road, as when she was on the bike some men who were on other moving bike got sight of the woman back side which seem to look so big as you can see in the picture.

Suddenly this men told their bike driver to speed up the bike to the direction of the woman’s own pretending to do as if they wanted to call her. But reaching the direction of the woman’s bike and as they were about passing her , these men quickly grabbed her back side and then went off.





Other bike driver who noticed this action decided to try their own since the woman didn’t retaliate to the other men. So these other set of bike driver rushed to the direction of the woman’s bike and then grabbed her back side, just as the other men had done.

This whole acts done by these men made the woman to feel harrased in public and decided to get down from the bike and preferred taking a danfo bus.

My own warning to women who think that entering a bike makes them feel exposed with their body shape are just only making the biggest mistake because when they do so, men will only see it as an opportunity to take advantage from women.

Most of the time , we see when a girl and a boy are entering bike together and the boy will always sit at the back of the girl which has never been like that. So I think this world is changing into a different future entirely.

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