See What A Mother Did To Her Son After She Caught Him Smoking Marijuana

This is a perfect example of how every strict African mother would react, especially if she had warned you against doing something and you stubbornly repeat it. I got the laugh of a lifetime when I came across this pictures online.

It seemed the guy in the above pictures had been warned severely by his mother to stop smoking, but it might be due to either addiction or stubbornness, the guy still continued with the habit. Karma really dealt with him here, while smoking, he didn’t notice that his mother was approaching him. He was shocked to receive a mighty slap on the mouth with a Slippers by his mother, and he immediately took to his heels. Below are more pictures to explain better.

We should try as much as possible to adhere to what our parents/elders tell us, so as to avoid situations such as this. Below are the various ways in which people reacted to the situation.

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