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See New tricks used by Yahoo boys

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The internet fraudsters currently known as Yahoo guysare popularly known for their fraudulent act by scamming people all across the globe and depriving them of their cash and valuables all in the name of love, business or other formats available to them.

These fraudsters are known for attempting almost all possible ways of stealing money from people and they have been living very high and extravagant life but there is something that most of this fraudsters are not telling you.

The yahoo job has gotten harder than ever as only less than 40% boast of making money online. Most of this scanners have found it hard to make money anymore and are already forced to go to the extreme just to keep up the extravagant life.

New tricks being used by this scammers is that they now go into rituals, yes rituals. Strange isn’t it? Money rituals has now gone rampant with young boys and they all go to hotels, get a laptop and keep going online to search for clients just so a friend or visitor they are with would feel comfortable and calm.

So ladies and guys beware when you just want to visit a guy just because he wants to buy you the latest iPhone or takr you out for shopping. Many ladies have already fallen for it and many more would still fall. A word is enough for the wise!!

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