See The Nigerian Man Who Is The Richest Babalawo in the World (See Photos) - Mc Ebisco See The Nigerian Man Who Is The Richest Babalawo in the World (See Photos) - Mc Ebisco
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See The Nigerian Man Who Is The Richest Babalawo in the World (See Photos)

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Ever seen a rich Babalawo? Well, here you go.

It is a general saying and standing joke now that there are no rich babalawos. The question many people have always asked, and rightfully so to is: if these babalawos are promising that they can make you rich or giving you millions and millions of naira, then how come they themselves are struggling? How come the babalawos promising all of these good fortune and riches are struggling themselves?

Well, that is not the case for our Babalawo today.

We’ll get to that in just a minute but for all my non-Nigerian folk who have no idea who a Babalawo is, a Babalawo is a Nigerian word for a native doctor, witch doctor, juju priest, voodoo master…which ever of these terms mean something to you. Somebody who practices witchcraft or uses “powers” to manipulate people’s lives, fortune, etc. That is who a Babalawo is.

Okay, now that we have that out of the way, let us actually jump into investigating the man of the hour today: the richest Babalawo in the world who just so happens to be a Nigerian man.

Are you ready to jump in and feel the power? Then, let’s go!

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Who is he

The richest Babalawo in the world is a Yoruba man who goes by the name of Babalorisa Paulo Ty Omolu II or as his fans like to call him, Baba Paulo.

He is a Babalawo that practices traditional and unorthodox methods of divination to give their clients whatever their hearts desire.

The alluring young man says on his social media that the reason he chooses to post the pictures he does where he shows off his affluent lifestyle is because for too long, people have lived under the notion that babalawos are poor old men that live in ugly shrines in the middle of weird forests and bushes. For Baba Paulo, that couldn’t be further from the truth. The Nigerian man is a jet-setter who travels from country to country, city to city, acquiring designer phones, shoes, and living a lavish lifestyle as he goes .

On his Facebook, he constantly posts inspirational quotes and messages to his followers some of which include quotes like:

What reveals our strength is not to be unbeatable, tireless, invulnerable. It is the courage to move forward, albeit with fear. It is the will to live, even if we have already died a little or a lot, here and there, by the way. It is the intention not to give up ourselves, however great it is sometimes the temptation. . They are the kind of gestures and tenderness that only the strong can have.


Who is this people that I Here are Coming from where, what makes them extol it with such energy and faith? They are the Adoxús my father Òlúwàiyé, Sacred and Chosen offspring! Are Ketu Sons coming from Hunter Earth ! The reason the Exaltation is in Omolu Emana to all present, this incredible energy that has this ASE here we return to the past, here we find ourselves with nature.

Here are free, here are happy, here we break down prejudice, we broke the aches and pains here has Rivotril here has depression, here are a Egbe, where everyone is one, and the reason that binds us are the Orisas, I only oriento, and they teach me too, where there is admiration, love absolute elapsed.

Yeah, I have absolutely no idea what this second one means but I guess his clients do and that’s all that matters right?

If you’re wondering about his personal life, Baba Paulo is a married man with children. He spoils his wife and children with designer gadgets and a good lifestyle, just like the one he has.

The major reason I think he does all of this is to show potential clients that he’s the real deal and can give them the riches that they desire.

Well, after going through the images below, maybe I too might have to enter Instagram and contact Baba Paulo!


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