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See What I Noticed As Sunday Igboho Storms Abeokuta

Sunday Adeyemi who is popularly known as Igboho has remained one of the most active Yoruba activists since January when he gave herders in the Igangan area of Oyo State Seven days ultimatum to leave the area due to increment in crime rate.

Many herders left the area, as Sunday Igboho, and his supporters allegedly unleashed an attack on herders in the area.

Again today, Sunday stormed Abeokuta as he promises to chase away criminal headers in the area.

Sunday Igboho was highly welcomed by the youths in the area but I noticed one thing about Sunday Igboho’s dress.

Though many news outlets said he wore bulletproof. But is it normal bulletproof? I don’t think it is normal bulletproof because it has some shapes that show on the cloth that he wore.

I know many people also will notice what I noticed, but I think it is locally made bulletproof.

Sunday Igboho has been making move to prove himself as Yoruba frontier as he moves to avert the high rate of crime in the southwestern region of the country.

Note that a criminal can not be identified through ethnicity but whenever he commits a crime.

What do you think about what Sunday Igboho did again today?

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