SEE O! Man Shares Picture Of Female Corp Member Wearing Skirt, Says Trousers Is Lucifer's Perception - Mc Ebisco SEE O! Man Shares Picture Of Female Corp Member Wearing Skirt, Says Trousers Is Lucifer's Perception - Mc Ebisco
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SEE O! Man Shares Picture Of Female Corp Member Wearing Skirt, Says Trousers Is Lucifer’s Perception

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Awon Liberty has been dragged after he posted a picture of a female Corps member wearing a skirt instead of the trousers stipulated and issued by the NYSC. He was said to have posted this picture on various Christian Facebook groups and then wrote;

No to Lucifer’s Perception. No to Satan’d Deception. We the female say no no no to trouser.”

This post of his has generated various reactions on the groups and these reactions had a few in support while many argued that it’s not possible to engage in physical activities in orientation camps while wearing trousers.

One Emmanuel Emeng described the post as “Phariseeic in behaviour with a tint of fanatism. This uniform is an occupational clothing na, all things are lawful but not all are expedient na. Wear the trouser, you never commit sin. Dont be like the unbelievers who are not enlightened”

Another Facebook user, Toochukwu Ben Anefo, wrote:

“Dear poster I put it to you that you are using the time you would have used to preach salvation, the love of Christ, righteousness to advertise frivolities. Wearing trousers or skirt is not the way to eternity with God. Only Jesus. Preach him alone and allow the Holy spirit to do his work. Shalom.”



A while ago on Facebook, a young man, identified as Obed Luka warned women to desist from wearing trousers, wigs, makeup, jewelry, barbed hairstyle and clothes that expose their body shapes to church.

He expressed his opinion on Facebook, saying;


“This kind of dressing is wrong in the church. Be warned those women that used to wear trousers to church and other clothes that expose your body and shapes, including those women that use to Barb hairstyle like unbelievers stop it, God does look at your heart, but it is sure that what so ever comes out of a man that defileth him so if you dress like this with make up all over your face with all kinds of jewelry and rings and attachments and wigs on your head be warned.”

Even Pastor Adeboye was reported to have banned the usage of gold trinkets, artificial hair and trousers and short skirts to church. Asides from that, he also allegedly banned women and men from colouring or bleaching their hair when they are coming to church. An anonymous church member said they were at the time enforcing the rule on church members, adding that pastors cannot force the larger congregation to abide by the new dress code because worshippers, especially first timers, voluntarily went there to worship.

This anonymous worshipper said that worshippers who unknowingly flout the dress code will definitely change by the time they listen to what the pastor preaches from the pulpit. The worshipper also added that changing their mode of dressing is a gradual process.

When this rule came out, it was criticised in some quarters and described as too conservative, considering the fact that in some Pentecostal



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