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See What Ogboni Of Benin Republic Said To Sunday Igboho

Oba Ogboni of Benin Republic was spotted praying for the popular Yoruba Activist, Sunday Adeyemo popularly regarded as Sunday Igboho for his mission in fighting against killer Fulani herdsmen in the Southwest.

Here is everything Oba Ogboni of Benin said to Sunday Igboho:

“Sunday Igboho, your life will be better, the way the life of our ancestors became better, yours too will become better. Sunday, you shall prevail in this battle you embark on. Listen to me, the whole world will know about you in good faith. You shall go in and out unhindered, unharmed. Nothing will happen to you, nobody will be able to harm you. People cannot know the depth of my happiness. I’m happy with you. A son of the ancestors don’t die, you can’t die. You will live long.

Today, you’ve become untouchable, no man born of a woman can do you no harm. The son of Adeyemo Adeniyi, henceforth anybody who attack you will die prematurely. Your enemies will not succeed over your life and children. You know the name of death, so death won’t have you. You know the name of sickness, so sickness won’t befall you. Your secret won’t be exposed. You’re already a success. Everything I said today over your life is sealed and cannot be reversed.”

Here is the link to the video:


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