See What Palm Wine Does To Your Health

Palm wine is one the major native brand of drink found in Nigeria and some other parts of the world. It is tapped from sap Raphia tree or oil palm. It is majorly seen in the southern part of Nigeria. It is identified by different names depending on the tribe.

The Igbos call it nkwu elu, the Yorubas call it Emu while the hausas call it gya. Deviating a little from the major ethnic groups, the efiks call it mmin-efik while the ibibios call it mmin-ukot. It is also consumed in some other parts of the world like Cameroon, Ghana, Mexico, India, etc.

In most villages and communities, palm wine tapping is a major profession from which most people earn a living.

Palm wine is consumed in homes and social events like burial ceremonies, traditional marriages, yam festivals, etc.

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Natural Palm wine is tapped freshly from the sap of a palm tree and when gotten fresh without fermentation, it can be regarded as juice because it contains no amount of alcohol at this point. fermentation takes place immediately after tapping because of the natural yeasts in the air and now it contains alcohol about 5% and the taste becomes sweet and the colour will be white and it will be mildly intoxicating.

it might also interest you to know that through the process of distillation, palm wine cane be used to produce some other drinks which goes by different names depending on the region. In Nigeria, it is mostly known as ogogoro. In some parts of cameroon, it is called afofo while it is called akpeteshi in some parts of Ghana.

If you consume palm wine, it is pertinent you know what it does to your health.

  1. It helps in improving the eye sight because of the yeast content

  2. Reports has it that it helps improve lactation. Lactation is defined as the secretion of milk from the mammary gland which enables mothers to breastfeed their babies.

  3. Due to its high antibacterial properties, palm wine is taken or consumed for treatment of food borne disease and diarrhoea diseases.

  4. Due to it’s antioxidant property, it helps in hastening the healing of wound.

  5. Palm wine contains Vitamin B2 which is an antioxidant, therefore, it helps yo fight against some cancer causing agents. Vitamin B2 is also known as Riboflavin

Palm wine is always sweet but when it ferments and taken in excess, it can lead to intoxication. Remember intoxication can make you do weird things you wouldn’t do in your normal state. So it’s better you know your gauge. Remember that you don’t boast with alcohol otherwise it would disgrace you in the public when you least expected it.

Palm wine is usually poured in kegs or bottles before serving visitors or customers. People enjoy a combination of palm wine with abacha or bush meat like grass cutter, bush rat, antelope, bush pig, etc.

Still talking about palm wine, I think Udi in Enugu state has the best palm wine.

To you reading this, how do you like taking your palm wine?

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