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See The Picture That Broke The Record Of All The #ENDSARS Protest Pictures – See Photos

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Below is the picture that broke the record of all the endsars picture an was rated the best.

This picture broke the record of all the endsars picture with many things. Not because the camera is too clear, not because the picture is too beautiful no, but what the endsars is pointing at is what the picture is showing.

The endsars protest is pointing at something and that thing with is the sadness, anger, of all the people protesting is what is reflecting in this woman’s Picture.

Mike Ezuruonye said on his Instagram page that this picture speaks everything about the endsars protest. And looking at the pictures it is truly speaking of everything about the endsars protest.

If you look at it properly, you will find out that the lady there has no happiness, she is sad about the situation, so all the sadness and her anger is reflecting on the picture.

I can’t even explain it, when you look at the picture you need not to be told that the situation she is no because of the protest, it’s not a happy one.

This woman broke the record of the endsars pictures ever seen even all the celebrities are testifying about the picture and there is something about this picture.

It look like something transparent spiritually. When you look deep in the picture you will feel the pain of the woman in the picture that’s why it broke the record of all the endsars pictures.

The woman is deeply in pains with the situation but what no one can explain is how all the pains she is going through is reflecting on the picture.

Even her fashion, the way she dressed shows that the situation she’s in is not a good one. This picture is rated the record breaking picture of all the pictures taken in the endsars protest.

Here is the picture.

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