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See Pictures Of Hummer Jeep Used In Packing Bamboo Sticks

Indeed, nothing actually last forever. The Hummer Jeep that was the most admired car in Nigeria by the rich is used to convey bamboo tree.

The Hummer Jeep was one of its kind among vehicles in Nigeria early 2000, many people admire to have such a car in their house because it is said to be bulletproof and can ply any Nigeria road no matter how rough it is. A Hummer Jeep cost about 20M Naira in Nigeria, with the functions it can be used for, it price worth it.

It is good to acquire wealth in this life, but what such wealth are used for is what should be well reasoned by anybody. It is good to use expensive cars, build mansions, and have all sort of properties, but one should know all of these properties will not last forever. The larger part of one’s wealth should be spent on charity and properties that will earn you reward even after death.

See pictures below:

Properties such as building if orphanage home, building of schools, hospitals and so on, that will benefit the community and people in need.


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