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‘See What A President’s Daughter Was Caught doing That’s Causing Reactions

Yoweri Museveni, Uganda’s president, has a daughter named Natasha Karugire, who is an avid social media user. Museveni’s daughter opens up about her life to the public, whereas the president’s sons and daughters keep their private lives hidden.

Natasha was a high school student who was born in 1976. She attended the elite Moi Nyeri Complex in Kenya for two years as a child, during a period when Uganda was heating up the political temperatures, before being snuck out of school. Her father was in charge of the guerilla battle at the time, and he was worried that her opponents would cross into Kenya and target her daughter.


Later in life, she moved to London to study fashion design. According to the images she posts online, the President’s daughter is well-educated and respectful of tradition. She also goes to the ranch to check on her father’s cows, despite the fact that her daughter is one of Africa’s most powerful politicians.

Museveni owns an estimated 1,900 acres of land on which 6,000 animals are raised. She goes to the country to get away from the city’s problems and business, while her daughter is at home.


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