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In the past, electronic media was simply an online scene where people were bound to meet, talk and make new friends because of their gory side. There are countless wonderful things happening in online media, there are various groups that have changed their electronic media accounts or created business accounts for which they are currently receiving money.

Many boys don’t know how much money to spend with a girl, so it is best to find out who the woman is.

A 17-year-old woman who is Identified As God’s plan solved the problem by asking women on the Facebook group how much a guy should have in his Pocket before taking a girl out for a date to avoid embarrassment.

Your question has a lot of funny answers and it looks like women have no price.

As I commented , I understand that a man’s budget before a date depends on several factors such as: B. How much he earns, it also depends on how much he love the woman which is planning a date for, and his intentions for him. …

But in my opinion, as a woman, a man should spend 50,000 naira to prepare for the unexpected.

Check out the fun answers the girls give

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Ladies, read this, how much budget do you think guy should have before taking you guys for date and if you have ever go on a date before drops your experience.


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