See The Reaction Of Members When They Touched TB Joshua’s Anointing Water (Video)

Anointing water is a very popular item especially in African churches. Many people have faith and believe that when they drink or cook with the water given to them by their pastors they will receive healing and experience miracles.

In a video posted on TB Joshua’s verified Instagram page, you can see how members of the church reacted when they went to pick up their anointing water.

The video caption says that these events happened at one of the centres in Africa where the anointing water has been taken to.

Just by touching the package of the anointing water, one woman immediately started staggering, another fell to the floor when she touched the package.

One particular woman started throwing up when she touched the anointing water.

Link to the video:

What do you think about this?

Do you believe that holy water or anointing water can bring about healing and miracles?


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