See Reactions To Photos Of A Mechanic Who Got Disappointed After A Girl He Met On Facebook Showed Up

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms, where different people from every part of the world interact, connect, and share ideas online. Over the years, social media like Facebook have made it possible for many people to meet, interact and also become friends.


However, here are photos of A mechanic and a girl which got many Facebook users attention. The content of the Photos shows a man who looked Disappointed after a girl he met on Facebook showed up at his Work place. According to the Facebook User who shared the post, The man had sent the girl Transport Fare, Hoping that she wouldn’t show up, just like every other girl who usually turns him down after getting the transport fare.

The young man gave an unhappy expression to the camera as he wasn’t prepared to meet with his Facebook Friend yet, because he was still at Work, and was also untidy when she came.READ FULL ARTICLES HERE

Take a look at the photos of them below

See how people Reacted to their photos online

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