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See The reply A Fulani Herdsman Gave 2 Yoruba Men Who Challenged Him For Grazing His Cows On A Land

A video showing where a lone Fulani herdsman and 2 men were dragging an issue over the fact that the herdsman brought his cows into a farmland in Ogun state was posted on facebook.

Recall that the vacation order given to fulani herdsmen in Ondo and Oyo last week generate a lot of reactions especially after the vacation order in Igangan, a town in Oyo state became violent as youths burnt down house and properties belonging to the Seriki Fulani thus making the man run for his life.

In the over 6 minutes video, a reasonable number of young cows were seen grazing on the farm. People who appeared like the owners of the farmland decided to ask the herdsman questions as to why he decided to bring his cows to the farm despite warning for them to desist from invading the farm.

The herdsman who identified himself as Ibrahim tackled the men by sighting the fact that its normal for him to bring the cows to graze as this is what has been done for long before now.

When asked that why didn’t he buy food for the cows, Ibrahim simply responded that there is no way he could buy food for those number of cows sighting that he can only do that for one cow.

In what appeared to be a painful thing to the yoruba men who were recording the conversation, Ibrahim became adamant to leave the farm despite telling him to stop the cows from grazing on their farm because the cows would eventually destroy the farm.

As the men asked if what he did was right or wrong and if he can allow someone else to invade his farmland like he did, ibrahim said ” Nothing is Special on your farm because cassava or Maize is not planted on it, I can’t take my cows away from the farm”.

Ibrahim’s way of speaking Yoruba sound like someone who has been in the south west for years. While trying to defend his action, he said, ” I am not a visitor here, this is my vicinity and I stay at Bolugbe area. I was Born, Bred and I even attended secondary school here.

While Ibrahim was adamant to vacate the farm with his cows, one of the farmers who was also speaking in Yoruba got angry and the other one was trying to persuade Ibrahim in a calm way to take his cows away and vacate the land.

Watch Full Videos of what Transpired Below.

After the whole conversation, the farmers told the herdsman not to enter the farm again but he was heard saying that he will still come back to the farm because there is nothing special on the farm he is told to leave.


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