See The 2 Things Whitemoney’s Fans Have Done For Him After He Emerged As The Winner Of Bbnaija

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Big Brother Naija Ya eye winner, Whitemoney has been recieving so many gifts after he emerged as the winner of the reality show. However, his fans have been backing him up doing all sorts of things in order to make order fan base jealous. Though, viewers were not surprise because it has been a tradition in the history of Big Brother Naija were fans bought their favorite a gift.

They go the extent of buying their favorite a house but Whitemoney own came as a surprise because is not up to 48 hours they crowned him as the winner of season six. Apart from the prize of 90 million naira Whitemoney won his fans ‘ MoneyGeng’ have done two things for him.


  1. They Gave Him A Brand New Car: Whitemoney fans caused mix reaction on social media after they post video of the car they bought for him. Some of his fans were mocking other fan base because they could not bought their favorite tangible gift. However, Whitemoney fans bought a brand new Toyota Venza worth millions of naira for him.


Though, the car was as a way of celebrating him for winning the Big Brother Naija reality show. Whitemoney has two cars in his garage and they promised to do more for him.

  1. Whitemoney fans Made Him reached 1 Million Followers on Instagram: Getting followers on social media is a huged task, before Whitemoney went Big Brother house he has 900 followers on Instagram.


Getting over 900 thousand followers within three months is a huge success for Whitemoney. Whitemoney loyal fans have made him join the league of Nigerian celebrities with million followers on Instagram.


However, Whitemoney reached 1 million followers on Instagram after he became the winner of Big Brother Naija. His fans have really done enough for him, though they promised to do more for him. Follow up for more updates, like, share and comment on the box below.

Source: Mcebiscoo.com

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