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See The Lawmakers Sleeping While Buhari Presented The 2022 Budget


The president’ s budget speech was viewed as a snooze- fest by a few of members of the Congress.

On Thursday, October 7, 2021, President Muhammadu Buhari delivered his budget proposal for the year 2022 before a joint session of the National Assembly. Some lawmakers couldn’ t wait to get to bed after hearing the proposal.

The Budget Bored The Lawmakers To Sleep

Typically, even the most mathematical and enthusiastic of listeners will find budget speeches to be a borefest and a snoozefest, and Buhari isn’ t exactly the most eloquent or exciting speaker on the planet. The fact that television cameras wandered to a couple of sleepy lawmakers as President Muhammadu Buhari listed off line items from his N16. 39 trillion budget for ‘ Economic Growth and Sustainability’ is not surprising.


The Proposed Sourcing For The Bill

The 2022 appropriation bill is dependent on a benchmark crude oil price of $57 per barrel and a daily oil production forecast of 1. 88 million barrels per day, both of which are conservative estimates.

Buhari Spokesman Laments On Bubari’ s Administration

Femi Adesina, the presidential spokesperson, has confessed that ” life has plunged into the Hobbesian state of nature; ugly, brutish and short” in the previous 18 months under President Muhammadu Buhari’ s administration.


According to Mr. Adesina in an article published on his Facebook page on Thursday night, ” we have undoubtedly passed through the most tough of times in the previous 18 months: security- wise, economically, socio- politically, and in a variety of other ways. ” A Hobbesian state of nature, ugly, brutish and short, has descended upon humankind.

The Administration Attests To The Level Of Insecurity

Mr Adesina stated that recognizing the truth is critical to addressing the situation, and that the Buhari administration cannot lie about the level of insecurity in the country. ” Challenges are intended to be overcome. It is important to acknowledge that they exist in order to take meaningful steps to resist them. It is not the Buhari administration’ s intention to gloss over our problems; rather, it is addressing them head on. And it is for this reason that #We Believe. Some regimes deceive their constituents. ” No, not the Buhari administration, ” Mr Adesina clarified.


Mr Adesina had previously stated that insecurity in the country is being ” played up” in order to undermine Mr Buhari’ s achievements, accusing citizens of harboring animosity toward the leadership.

We Are On The Verge Of Enjoying The Results Of Our Efforts

” We are now on the verge of enjoying the results of our efforts. ” However, some people wish to belittle infrastructure while simultaneously emphasizing insecurity, all in an attempt to undermine the accomplishments of the Buhari government. Will they be successful? ” Never! ” Mr Adesina had said in a previous treatise. Mr Adesina, on the other hand, accused the media of portraying the NDA attack as a failure of President Muhammadu Buhari’ s administration.


In Mr Adesina’ s words, ” the headlines, the slant of the reports, the analyses and discussions all tended to present a narrative of our military’ s humiliation, the failure of the government, and the fact that chaos had been unleashed on the land. ”

Tinubu Supporters Warn’ s Nigeria Of Undermining Buhari’ s Administration

Some supporters of former Lagos Governor Bola Tinubu, who are working to promote his presidential ambitions, have been warned against undermining President Muhammadu Buhari’ s administration for political reasons.


Buhari Administration Is Inefficient

It is disingenuous and unhelpful to use the occasion of the SWAGA launch in Lagos to portray the Buhari administration as inefficient, according to Taofeek Adewale, the coordinator of the APC Young Pathfinders in the Southwest. ” The Buhari administration is inefficient, ” he added.


Governor Obefemi Hamzat made the statement at the launch of the South- West Agenda for Asiwaju (SWAGA) in Lagos State, and he was responding to the statement. ” Consequently, we all desire certain things for our country– progress, employment, and security. ” Who can provide you that? ” Hamzat inquired of the pro- Tinubu audience at the launch, to which they responded with a resounding ” Tinubu” .

Time To Throw Buhari Under The Bus

” Now is not the time to throw President Muhammadu Buhari under the bus because of the upcoming elections in 2023. To confront the difficulties facing the country, the would be president requires the assistance of all citizens, according to Young Pathfinders of the APC.


The attitude of several lawmakers who addressed Tinubu as Mr President during their visit to the APC Leader in the United Kingdom was also criticized by the group as ” uncharitable and an abnormality. ”

Nigeria Has Only One President

‘ At the time, Nigeria has only one President, and his name is Muhammadu Buharu, ‘ says the statement.

” We call on the various groups supporting Asiwaju’ s presidential ambitions and others to exercise extreme prudence and conduct themselves in a manner that would not cast a negative light on the President. ” We must be aware, as members of the same political party, of the possibility that our comments, actions, and inactions could have a detrimental impact on our party and subtract from our election prospects, according to the statement.


As the year 2023 approaches, numerous political organizations in the country have begun to position themselves in support of various hopefuls and to push for a variety of political causes.


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  • Thanks for this opportunity. If left for me some of them is not supposed to be there. Now tell me how can this country will move forward why those who suppose to move country forward is sleeping tell me why t his country will move forward.. The country also sleep because if you don’t plan to succeed then you’re already fall.thatswhy you see doller going up and our naira falling everyday.

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