See The Major Record Laycon Set Last Year That Whitemoney Wasn’t Able To Break This Year


Big Brother Naija season six winner, Hazel Oyeze Onou, popularly known as Whitemoney played a good game. Though, his experience in the house, achievements and other things can not be compare with that of Laycon, the winner of lockdown season.

There are certain things Laycon achieved while he was still in Big Brother house Whitemoney couldn’ t achieve despite being the winner of this season. One of the major differences between the experiences of Laycon and White Money in the Big Brother house is that Laycon was not expected to last long in the house after he was unveiled.


Laycon was mocked by the housemates and viewers because they thought he was not fit enough to competite with other housemates because of his look. But Whitemoney started winning the viewers right from the day he came into the house. The case of Laycon was quite different because he was underated and shamed but he started winning the viewers heart when the housemates refused to relate with him.


The record Laycon set that Whitemoney was unable to break is that, Laycon has 3, 000 followers on instagram before coming to Big Brother house and he became the first housemates to reach 1. 3 million followers on Instagram while he was still in the house. When Laycon was announced as the winner of the lockdown season, his followers increased drastically that very night.


Presently, Laycon is the most followed Big Brother Naija star and he has more followers than Big Brother Naija host, Ebuka and also the official page of Big Brother Naija on Instagram. Laycon has the highest vote count in the history of Big Brother Naija and none of the present season defeated him.


Whitemoney was unable to break this record set by Laycon even after he was announced as the winner of the show. You can see that Whitemoney was unable to break the record Laycon set. Despite being the winner of the reality show, Whitemoney Instagram followers have not reach 1 million. That is the reason some viewers are saying this year season was boring compare to last season. This also mean Laycon would have defeated Whitemoney had it been he was featured in this year season.

Source: Mcebiscoo.com

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