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See The Military Strength Of Israel Vs Iran. Iran Should Be Careful As Israel Is Very Deadly At War


The Middle East is still in the news as you read this article. Iran and The United States who are enemies for over 20 years recently launched airstrikes on themselves.

First, Iran killed a U.S civilian contractor and other innocent American citizens in Iraqi capital Baghdad. America in retaliation launched an airstrike that killed a top Iranian army general, Qasem Soleimani whom they suspected was the arrow head to the attack.

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Since then, the allies of both countries have declared their stands on what happened. Israel which is a strong ally of U.S has supported the actions of Donald Trump in eliminating Soleimani. But Iran seems not to be comfortable with Israel a fellow Middle East nation.


Both have had their own share of airstrikes in the past. Iran is already threatening to strike Israel after Benjamin Netanyahu made a statement last week saying that if Iran tries to hit Israel, it will get it back in a manner that it hasn’t seen before.

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Iran is very tactical when it comes to airstrikes but Israel cannot be underestimated. It has the best war weapons in the world manufactured by itself.

Below is the military strength of the two nations

Iran: $6 billion

Israel: $21 billion

Iran: 523,000

Israel: 615,000

Iran: 509

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Israel: 595

Navy vessels
Iran: 398

Israel: 65

Iran: not known

Israel: 400

Missile range
Iran: 3,000 km

Israel : 7800 km

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