See The Most Stupid Fish That Has No Response Even When Its Half Body Is Eaten

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Fish is a very sensitive creature. If there is a little noise in the water, it will scare the fish away, but not the headfish. It is understood that this kind of creature is not afraid of people at all, and when it sees people, it will look at people directly with its eyes, without any intention of running away.

The reason why the headfish has this kind of response is not because of how bold it is, but because its biological response is very slow, even if there are enemies near, it can not escape immediately.

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It is a large fish with a body size of more than three meters. It is also a carnivorous animal. It usually feeds on jellyfish and other fish. Among many large fish, headfish is different, because they are not fierce and very gentle and slow. It is said that even if half of them are eaten by natural enemies, they will not notice.

However, it will never be extinct, because its skin is very thick. Even if half of it is eaten, it only loses a piece of skin, which will not kill it.

Moreover, the reproductive capacity of this fish is also very strong. The female one can produce 300 million eggs at a time. Although the probability of survival is only one in a million, the number is still very amazing.

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However, some scientists think that headfish is also very vulnerable because they will die from fright. For example, when seeing its partner eaten by natural enemies, it will die on the spot. There are also rumors that the headfish will die as long as it is exposed to the sun

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