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See The Total Amount Sunday Igboho Supporters Raised For Him In 15 Hours

One amazing factor that makes life enjoyable and beautiful is having people who support you and stand by you. They stand as your defenders when everyone is against you and not for a moment turn their backs on you.

When life drags you to the edge, a point where you feel like giving up, these supporters will arise and stand by you. They will make you understand that there is no need to give up because they’re there to stand by you and support you no matter what happens. You may have a project, a mission, or a vision, and no one will indicate interest to assist you in that project but certain people will arise because they believe in your vision and see a future in it, they then stand to help you.

This article is about the total amount supporters of Sunday Igboho raised for him in 15 hours against the N51.4m agreed upon as reported by Punch Newspapers on their Twitter handle. The report says the supporters of Yoruba rights activist, Sunday Adeyemo who is better known as Sunday Igboho, have set up a Gofundme page for raising £100,000 (N51.8m) for him to buy buses to implement his project of ridding the South-West If killer herdsmen. A total of N4.8m has been gathered already in 15hours. Below is proof of the report from Punch Newspapers on their Twitter handle;

Great supporters Igboho have got there to support his project and they’re all giving towards it to ensure it is established. This is what life is about, it’s about looking out for each other, especially those with a true purpose. Do you think the supporters of Igboho are doing the right thing? Share your thoughts in the comment


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