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SEE WAHALA: Street Fight Leads To Death Of Hairdresser (Watch Video)


Tragic is the right work street fight between two neighbours has led to the untimel and unfortunate death of the them leaving loads of regret.

The tragic incident happened at the Jakande Estate area of Lagos, The Eagle correspondent reports. Mrs Mrs Laide Abioye, known as Iya Oyin, a hairdresser at the estate reportedly died of brain damage due to injury received from her neighbour.
The deceased had accused her neighbor, Mr Akeem Adejumo of being responsible for her her being overcharged in electricity consumption charges for the shop where she was operating as a hairdresser

Her contention was that she should not be charged as much as residents.

Another occupant, Miss Blessing Ayade, in charge of collating and collection of the bills did not take kindly to the hairdresser’s observation but insisted that she must comply.

One thing led to another and then a full blown argument which later resulted in a brawl.

At the centre of the combat was the hairdresser and Mrs Adejumo, and the former got hit on the head with an heavy object.

She immediately slumped and died.

The Divisional Police Command, Mr Olowo told The Eagle correspondent that both Mr and Mrs Adejumo had been arrested for the death and were answering questions before cops.

Meanwhile, the body of the deceased had been taken to a hospital morgue.



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