See What APC Chairman Said After News Report Alleged That He Fainted After Hearing Election Result


The All Progressives Congress (APC) has pointed out locations where the party was short- changed in Saturday’ s governorship election.

Mr. Basil Ejidike, the state chairman of the party, told a news conference in Awka that despite the party’ s protestations, some press releases ascribed to the party and shared on social media were false, according to the DAILY POST report.


” There has been far too much false information ascribed to us. When they didn’ t come from the party, some people wrote whatever they wanted and credited it to the party.

” One of them said the APC had condemned the exercise and demanded its annulment, while the other said we were going to court to challenge the poll.

” Another argument was that I passed out after hearing the outcome of my ward, which they said I lost. I’ d like to state unequivocally that this was false information. We had nothing to do with any of them.


” The image depicting me collapsing is untrue. The APC won my polling unit 002 (bridgehead market) in Onitsha. In the unit and even in my ward, I had 95%. If you look at the image they’ re spreading, you’ ll notice it bears no relation to mine. Please throw away the false news. ”

Despite the fact that the comments attributed to the party were untrue, Ejidike claimed that the election on Saturday was marred by irregularities, including the disenfranchisement of supporters utilizing the Bimodal Voter Accreditation System (BVAS).

” We can’ t start going to court while the election is still going on. We can’ t call for the election to be called off while it’ s still going on. Because our party never made the statement or said those things, we strongly advise you to disregard them.


” We were taken aback by what happened on election day with the BVAS. We were startled to learn that they didn’ t work properly. Voters showed up, but they did not vote.

” It took me 15 minutes to be cleared to vote in my polling unit. I went to Onitsha South at least eight times to express my dissatisfaction with the BVAS, and I am hopeful that INEC will enhance it.

” The returning officer said there was no election in Orumba North, but the Electoral Officer claimed there was. Although a committee was formed, there is no means to cross- check the results without consulting the BVAS. The returning officer concurred and tallied the results, and I’ m sure you’ ll agree that the situation isn’ t ideal.


” They annulled 10, 000 votes for the APC in Abatete and announced the results anyhow. Only six of the 17 voting units in Ukeh held elections. Despite the fact that many other units in Idemili had not held elections, INEC still tallied and released the results.

” The goal is to bring all of these gray areas to INEC’ s attention so that justice may be done. We have not advocated for cancellation in any way, he continued, but appropriate attention should be given to these places to allow people to exercise their franchise. “


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