See What Transporters Said Can Make Them Obey The Sit- At- Home Order


In Abia State, transporters have appealed to the authorities enforcing the weekly sit- at- home order in the South- East to provide them with palliatives in order to alleviate the effects of the lockdown on their businesses.

Drivers expressing their concern about the IPOB order

It was during interviews with the news correspondent that the drivers made their plea. They expressed their dissatisfaction with the development in the state capital on Monday, saying it was making their lives tough. Claiming that there should be an alternative way of expressing their demands rather than crumbling social activities.

According to The Eagle Online, they reported that the order by the IPOB had its greatest impact on the transportation industry because their vehicles were frequently attacked or vandalized, while passengers, on the other hand, were afraid to leave their houses for fear of being attacked.

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Residents of the five southeast states have been moaning as a result of the frequent orders issued by the Indigenous People of Biafra, according to the News Agency of Nigeria.

Even after IPOB ordered its suspension, the residents have continued to adhere to the Monday weekly order, which is only observed on the days that the group’ s leader, Nnamdi Kanu, is scheduled to appear in court.

Kanu, who is currently in the custody of the Department of State Services, is being tried for treason and other accusations, amongst others.


Residents voiced concern that the weekly practice would have a negative impact on the region’ s socio- economic activity, which is known for commerce and trade.

Chairman of the drivers union expressing his disappointment

The exercise, according to Henry Okezie, Chairman of the Abia State Drivers’ Welfare Union, had struck a fatal blow to the transportation sector, causing business activities to crumble.

This constant sitting at home is having a negative impact on us since we are unable to operate if we do not see passengers, Okezie explained to the press.


We must labor every day in order to accomplish our daily income because the majority of our members have their vehicles on hire purchase, and money must be remitted daily.

We are pleading with those in charge of enforcing this exercise to provide us with some palliatives in order to mitigate the impact.

We have around 200 members in this Isigate Park in Umuahia, and our buses run on the Umuahia- Ikwuano and Umuahia- Ubakala routes, says the group’ s leader.


Every one of us earns a minimum of ₦10, 000 every day. As a result, every day we don’ t work costs us about ₦2 million on average, and sometimes might be more.

Drivers claiming that the sit- at- home order must be suspended or they are compensated

When asked why they would continue to comply with the regulation, Okezie stated that they would do so out of fear of being fined because several of our vehicles were destroyed and some passengers were hurt the last time we floated it.

Kingsley Chijindu, a taxi driver on the Umuahia- Aba route, reported that passengers were still fearful of coming out after the postponement of the Monday drill.


Passengers are rare on Mondays because they are terrified of being attacked on the road which has led to a low amount of income, Chijindu explained. He further stated he will love it if the government will put heads together with the IPOB, and find a solution.

It is even worse in Aba than in Umuahia to be stuck at home, so I have decided to take Monday off from work until further notice.

We urgently require assistance, either from IPOB or the government, to compensate for the monetary loss, as we cannot continue in this manner.


Similarly, Victor Rowland, a driver who works on the Umuhaja- Ohafia route, expressed his satisfaction with the weekly exercise, noting that it allowed him to spend more time with his family. He said the order has made the feeding pattern of his family to be affected.

As Rowland explained, I was initially concerned because of how much weight I was droppingg on a weekly basis.


But I’ m fine with that for the time being because it means I’ ll have more time to spend with my children.

Rowland, on the other hand, asked the enforcers to take a different approach in order to avoid destroying the people they profess to be attempting to safeguard.


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