See Why Nigerian Lawmakers Rejected Important Bill Favouring Nigerians Against The Government


Nigerian constitution is a document containing all activities that must take place in Nigeria and how those activities can take place in a normal way. Many Nigerians do not know the content of the Nigerian constitution and they don’ t bother to know about them.

There are so many things in the constitution that Nigerians need to know about but because they don’ t care to know about them, they end up complaining about government activities.

However, according to report, there was a bill seems to be in favour of the common Nigerians that was rejected by the Nigerian lawmakers. Although, the reasons for the rejection are genuine reasons.

According to report, the House of Representatives has rejected a bill seeking to make the provision of basic welfare compulsory.

The bill, sponsored by Sergius Ogun (PDP, Edo), sought to amend section 6 of the 1999 Constitution by allowing the judiciary to entertain cases on the provision of basic welfare as contained in sections 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 and 21.

Thus, the bill by Mr Sergius sought to amend section 6(6c) by providing the judiciary the powers to entertain cases on the failure of government to provide shelter, free education and others as provided in chapter two of the Constitution.

Citing section 16(2d), which provides that— ” The State shall direct its policy towards ensuring– that suitable and adequate shelter, suitable and adequate food, reasonable national living minimum wage, old age care and pensions, unemployment and sick benefits and welfare of the disabled are provided for” as an example, Mr Ogun said as laudable as the section is, it is not justiciable.

Also opposing the bill, Herman Hembe (APC, Benue) described the bill as a socialist tool that can destroy a nation. He noted that such ” freebies” led to the collapse of the Soviet Union and turned Venezuela into a poor country.

” If you make it justiciable, you will allow citizens to sue governors or president for not giving him money? Money that he has not worked for. In the US, you cannot sue the government for not giving you freebies. As fantastic as they seem, they should remain in fantasy, ” Mr Hembe said.

While exercising his right to reply, Mr Ogun said allowing citizens to sue does not mean they will get whatever they are asking for. He noted that the amendment would allow for accountability.


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