SEE WICKEDNESS! ! ! Man Arrested For Locking His Two Children Inside Water Drum For Hours Without Food


A very wicked man has been arrested for allegedly locking up two of his children inside an empty water drum for a whole day without food or water. The man who was identified as one Mr Martins Omotoyosi, locked the two children identified as Dorcas, 8 year’ s old and Oreofe, who is only 6 years of age, inside an empty barrel used to store water.

According to some eyewitnesses, it was learnt that the suspect (Martins Omotoyosi), who was formerly married but later got separate because of his aggressiveness and his regular brutality towards the mother of the two children, it was learnt that after Martins Separated from his wife, he fought very hard to keep custody of the two children.

It was gathered that after his wife had left him, the suspect then transferred his beating habits to his children, and it was learnt that he regularly brutalized them in the past. However it was learnt that on this last incident, the suspect locked up two of his children inside an empty water drum for the duration of a whole day, without food or water.


It was learnt that after locking up the children inside the drum, the suspect left them inside and went out his normal business for the day, leaving the children to remain inside the drums until he returned in the evening. According to a neighbour to the suspect, it was learnt that Mr Martins decided to punish the children in such a manner because they collected food from a neighbour.

It was learnt that some angry youth’ s in the neighbourhood later confronted the suspect over the incident, but the suspect reportedly boasted and claimed that they were his children, and he has the right to punish them in whatever manner that pleases him. The case was later reported to the Police and the suspect has since been apprehended and taken into Police custody.



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