See What A Young Girl Posted On Twitter That Has Got People Reacting

See What A Young Girl Posted On Twitter That Has Got People Reacting

Believe it or not, there are no more children in Ghana. You may be surprised at the statements some little children may make. It’s even worse with the girls of our day. We can find a lot of factors in our days to blame.


Perhaps our movies, perhaps our music, our artistes, foreign influence, peer pressure. A lot can account for this. And it’s almost always on social media that they display this attitude. After all, their parents may not be there to restrict them. One may look innocent till you look through his social media posts.

Well, this is what has got a young girl humiliated on Twitter. It’s not a rule or law but twitter seems to be for the more matured whereas Facebook is apparently for the less matured. People tend to create this division.

There are some kinds of posts that you may not see on Twitter. It is one of such posts this young lady posted on Twitter. In her caption, she says “I’m the reason your daddy don’t stay hum.”


Perhaps she thought there was nothing wrong with it. Well, twitter users didn’t give her breathing space. See how they roasted her for her post. Some calling out her mother, her upbringing and all sorts of things. It’s just too disturbing.

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