Selfish Neighbor Uses Net To Cover Fruit tree so that Nobody Will Eat From It

Although this may sound funny to you, and as shocking as this is, it’s true.

A lady on Twitter Janet Machuka shared two pictures of a fruit tree that is covered in mesh like material and captioned her tweet “such neighbor exists”.

The internet is buzzing to this funny and selfish act from who ever did this, it begs for questions like what could be the possible reasons and is this going to work out just fine?.

Under this tweet others stated thier feelings to this which, some people found it funny, some found it selfish and as such they were many retweet and replies.

Fruits are meant to be eaten and definitely this person does not think the neighbors deserve a taste.

I will not try to judge the person because you may not know the truth behind what you see, you may think it’s selfish, you may think he does not want the neighbors to have a share in the tree, but I bet if you go deeper you will understand.

So how you do find this, funny?, Selfish or otherwise, let us know what you think about this act in the comment section and don’t forget to share this post so your loved ones can see it too.

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