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Senator shehu San Has Said It Again, See What He Said, And The Online Comments It Generated

Human right activist senator shehu Sani took to the social media to narrate his ordeal regarding herdsmen activities on the railway tracks. His ordeal yesterday, sounds very unpleasant, little wonder why he decided to share it on the social media via his Twitter account @shehu sani.

His statement reads,”today the morning Abuja morning train of which I happened to be a passenger killed over 60 cows that strayed along the tracks before the train finally stopped In the bush, and we later moved on. The herdsmen ran into the Bush raining curses”,

The above statement obviously looks like a Waterloo, though his comment indicted no harm or lives were lost in the scene. It’s high time Government intervene concerning the activities of herdsmen in this country. What if these herdsmen were armed, I believe it would have been a different kettle of fish, but God forbid.


See online reaction regarding his tweet,

Federal Government should pass a bill that will oversee the operation of this livestock owners in Nigeria. Farm encroachment and violations are really affecting Agricultural produce and food production in Nigeria. In some communities, farmers no longer go to farm due to violent herdsmen attacks. It has been a recurring decimal.

There is urgent need to secure farm lands and farmers from these violent nomads, else states and community anarchy is looming. Famers lives should not be endangered because of right of freedom of movement. Territorial encroachment is absolutely a big crime nationally and international.

Inasmuch as right to freedom of movement is practiced in Nigeria, right to life should also be hallowed. No one is saying herdsmen should not do business in Nigeria, but excesses of these herdsmen should be checkmated and brought to an end. Governtment Security agents should swing into action and end restiveness of this violent herdsmen.

Viewers, What’s your take regarding herdsmen excesses on farm lands and peasant farmers? Comment and share your thoughts regarding these circumstances.

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