Send This Message To Your Lover And He/She Will Appreciate You Forever

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Here are some messages that you will send your partner in the morning or anytime of your choice

1.You are my best part, I could have done nothing without you, thank you for being with me

2.When I ask for a friend, I found you. I asked for a lover,you appeared.I asked for a best friend you showed up. Thank you for being my strength

3.I appreciate you with everything I have, you will always remain in my heart I promise

4.No one can ever come between us my favorite person, you are all that matters to me.

5.You are the other version of me and that is why I love you with everything I have

6.I may not give you the world but I will give you all I have my dear

7.I will keep on praying for you, because in you I find inner peace

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