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“I Sent My Sister 1000 Naira Suya Last Night And She Dropped This In My Room” Twitter Man Lament!

A Twitter user by the name “ugly mofo” has taken to his Twitter account to lament bitterly about the unfairness his younger sister did to him when he asked her to help him but “roasted meat”.

The Twitter users wrote on his timeline and we quote…

“I sent my sister 1000 naira suya last night and she dropped this in my room. I can’t rake this again”…

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Also, below are the pictures he attached to the write-up.

In the letter the sister dropped off in his brother’s room, the said sister pleaded with the brother that he should manage the meat he got for him as she was broke and needed airtime, hence, she used the money for the meat to get airtime for herself.

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While the brother uploaded the picture of the letter, and meat on Twitter, Twitter users who had come across the pictures couldn’t help but react to the whole incidence.

Below are a few screenshots from these Twitter users.

While the thing seems hilarious, we are happy that the brother did not take offense, therefore, beating up the younger like how some other brothers would have done.

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