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Serious Commotion As16-year-old boy Butchers His Entire family with An Axe Then kills Himself. (See Photo)


A teenager went on an unexplainable killing spree as he axed his entire family of five to death then took his own life.

Timur Kimaletdinov, a high-flying Russian student massacred his ‘loving’ mother, four year old twin siblings, and two grandparents in a brutal night attack that has left his village ‘shaken.’

He later jumped to his death from a local phone transmitter mast.


In a note left on the dining room table amidst the bloody carnage, he said he loved his family, especially grandparents Viktor, 66 and Lidia, 69, and that it was a ‘pity’ he would kill them.

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He said he took their lives because he didn’t want the couple to be ‘sad’ at the death of their close relatives.

Timur left a voice message for friend Evgeny saying it had been ‘easy’ to kill them.Scooper

He alerted a schoolmate called Daniil, 16, who found the boy’s body.

Timur was described by neighbours as ‘the pride of his close knit family’ for his academic prowess.

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Neighbours found five mutilated bodies with ‘deep axe wounds’ after becoming suspicious that the grandparents were not tending their vegetable garden as usual on Sunday morning in Patrikeevo village in Russia’s Ulyanovsk region.

A friend said that Timur had said he was ‘jealous’ of the time his mother spent with the twins, and was upset she used him as a ‘nanny’ to care for the four year olds.

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According to one source, Timur had confessed his plan to kill his family in advance to a schoolmate who did not take his words seriously.

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