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Serpents Queen: She Is Dancing and Living with Serpents for Lifetime


Anandha Ray is an award-winning choreographer who was instrumental in the development of dance in the late 20thand early 21stcentury for her dedication over 40 years to the full-time passion of dance. After a lifetime in professional world of dance, she has developed a thorough and innate understanding of dance and the language of the movement.

Building on the imagery of Film Noir, Anandha Ray’s artistic vision traverses the darkness and invisibility of the stage, revealing and rescinding the shadow edge of dance both figuratively and literally. She moved like a serpent and spoke like a sage. Her awareness of her body and voice was like a fine-tuned instrument. In other words, every moment, every movement and every word felt like a revelation.

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What’s more, Anandha holds Serpent Ceremonies once a month to help people heal from trauma and grief. Those dancers who follow Anandha start with moving peacefully with a serpent. They are always told, “They are not pet. They are partner. They are here to guide us in this journey.”

All her experience comes from her childhood. She grew up with a medicine man Cherokee great-grandfather. He would teach her things like these rain dances. So she definitely feels like somehow through my ancestry there’s been a lineage passed down. Her grandfather’s spirit started talking to her. “I grew up with serpents. My brother had serpents. My kids had serpents.” She said.

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Anandaha feels strongly that it’s well worth it. “People say to me that they feel like they’re done 10 years of therapy in one session.” She said. “I believe that if every person in the world were to try Shamanic Fusion Dance in the serpent ceremony that we would be a different community. We’d be a different world.”

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