“After I Served Him Bread & Tea In Bed, See What My Husband Told Me To Do” – Lady Lament

“My Husband Isn’t Romantic; Check Out What He Told Me To Do After Serving Him Bread and Tea In Bed” – Madame

Being a wife comes with a lot of responsibilities. Almost every housewife is burdened with a great deal of duty.


Dishes to be washed, rooms to be cleaned, children to be cared for, the house to be kept tidy, and cuisine to be prepared are all crucial jobs that some women perform on a daily basis.

A lady, on the other hand, just made a remark about her sentiments toward her husband.

The lady’s true name is Pretty Rib, and she had made a joke about her spouse a few hours before. She assumed her husband wasn’t romantic when she brought him hummus and tea for breakfast, but to her surprise, he ordered rice and beans for breakfast the next morning, despite the fact that she had just provided him breakfast.


She remarked, in her own words “It’s impossible to be romantic with a Nigerian. After I offered him breakfast in bed, he replied, “Thank you, iyawo mi, may I have rice, beans, and dodo for breakfast?” (two slices of bread, an omelet, and tea). So, what is this bread you’re referring to?”

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