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We Have Been Having Sex On Your Couch While You Are Sleeping

Titus and Wendy have been dating for almost 4 years. The two had a mutual friend, Fiona whom they usually partied, have drinks and attend gigs for a very long time. The three made sure they attended every concert or hang out anytime they were together. One Friday night as they were having drinks at a local bar, Wendy was so drunk, suddenly Titus and Fiona disappeared and left her all alone at the bar. Wendy noticed her husband was not around with Fiona.

She tried contacting them but nobody was picking up the calls. After around half an hour,the two came out of the washrooms,when Wendy tried to ask where they had been all that while, Titus gave an excuse that he was helping out Fiona who wasn’t feeling well. After the incident at the club, Wendy became suspicious of the two. She tried to monitor them but unfortunately they outsmarted her.

Wendy could not continue living with alot of suspicions and insecurities. She had instincts of the two sneaking and hooking up or having sex. She decided to share with her sister who immediately advised her to seek help from Doctor Mugwenu. Provided his contact information to her and called him for help. They set up a meeting to meet the next day. Earlier ther next morning, Wendy set off to meet Doctor Mugwenu at his workshop as they had planned. On arrival, she explained everything to him. Doctor Mugwenu asked her to show the picture of Titus and Fiona. She provided the photo of the two and Doctor Mugwenu performed a revenge spell on the two photos. After the ritual Wendy went back to her house.

The following day was a Friday, as their culture it meant that they were to hand out and party. This time round, Wendy decided to be smart. She did not drink too much. However this time the two did not disappear. After the drinks they went all went back to Wendy place like they usually do. Wendy fell asleep and Titus took her to bed to sleep,tip toed back to the sitting room to sex with Fiona. Little did they know they were going to experience one of their worst moments in life. As they were about to hook up, Titus began to complain that his private part was so painfull and was swollen. Fiona on the other side also cried painfully that her breasts were getting bigger than usuall.

Their painfull cries woke Wendy up,she rushed to the sitting room to see what was wrong. On reaching,she asked what was wrong Fiona replied painfully, I am sorry Titus and I have been slipping sleeping pills on your drinks and afterwards having sex on your couch while you are sleeping. Please forgive us.

Apparently this had been going on for quit some time without Wendy knowledge but their 40 days of sneaking around to have sex on her couch had come to an end by the help of Doctor Mugwenu. Doctor Mugwenu does his spells in a unique way to help all his clients solve their problems. His powers are incredable because he not only help one get rich,he also has the ability to help an impotent person bear children,solve divorces, helps one to win court cases,enhances business, protects family property.

He also heals diseases such as gonorhoea, typhoid, hypertension, epilepsy among many others. He also handles all generall problems and break curses, voodoo spells, do away with evil spirits, his ability to foretell the future is 100% accurate. Do not hesitate to contact him through Call:+254740637248.  Email: mugwenudoctors@gmail.com
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