After Sex With Her, My Entire House Was Smelling Of Catfish

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I hope you are having a good day. You don’t post relationship stories as much as you used to in the past. What is happening? Please don’t stop or slow down. Many of us are learning from the stories you share on the MORE app.

Well to my story, I cheated on my girlfriend and I’m ashamed of myself.

I saw a beautiful girl on Instagram. I chatted her up. She looked too beautiful and irresistible but it was all a lie. I wasn’t impressed when I finally met her in person. But the story is more than that.

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Yesterday night, this girl visited my house. In no time, we went down to business after watching ‘Coming To America 2’.

I removed her pant and I noticed she had too many stretch marks. I didn’t mind because I was very horny. I was forced to ask her if she recently had a baby and she denied it. I grab my condom and we had sex.

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After the exercise, my entire house was smelling of catfish. I switched on the AC and sprayed air freshener but the foul odour refused to go away. I had to lie that I was going out, so as to get her to leave my house. I have been feeling irritated since the incident happened. I even noticed that the used condom disappeared from the house as I didn’t dispose of it.

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I learnt some ladies take them to Babalawo for juju. I don’t know how to even ask the girl the whereabout of the used condom. I have blocked her on my Whatsapp and I will never call her again.

Dear young men, cheating is bad. Let us stay faithful to the women in our lives. Sex is not the same anywhere. The difference only lies in your imagination.

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