I Had Sex With My Housemaid; It Was SWEET But Don't Try It - Mc Ebisco I Had Sex With My Housemaid; It Was SWEET But Don't Try It - Mc Ebisco

I Had Sex With My Housemaid; It Was SWEET But Don’t Try It

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Hello Editor,

I hope you are having a good day. May the new year bring us great blessings. I have been married for 6 years now. My wife used to be very beautiful with a good body. But since she had two children, things haven’t been the same. She has become fat, her breasts are flat with stretch marks and down there, it is wide. There is no grip anymore.

I haven’t been enjoying lovemaking with her at all. We have tried new styles but they don’t work for me. Don’t get me wrong, I still love her so much and she is the best woman on earth. Something interesting happened of late. Last year, we were advised to employ a housemaid due to the stress of taking care of the children. She employed this girl from Benue State named Hannah who is just 19.

One day, when I was on leave and alone with Hannah, I promised her a new phone and money. I requested for sex in exchange. I even threatened to sack her when she resisted. Finally, she accepted my demands. It was the sweetest experience ever. She is like a brand new car. She wasn’t a virgin anyway. Her breasts are in shape, the backside is so portable and soft; her skin is so tender. Down there is very tight that it hurts my manhood. I have slept with her over 10 times now and I can’t stop.

I hardly develop erection when my wife touches me. Sometimes, I sneak out of work during the day to sleep with Hannah at home. My wife is beginning to suspect something is wrong because I have been giving Hannah so much money and she is already disrespecting my wife.

The last time I tried doggy style with Hannah, I shed tears in the process. It was too sweet. I haven’t had it that good in my life. This is why northerners love underage girls. We southerners are missing a lot.

If you are a married man that wants to make this mistake, please run for your dear life. Don’t be like me. My life is ruined already. My wife will soon find out the truth and my marriage will be broken. I am so addicted to sex with the young girl.

Please don’t ever try it. These young girls are sweeter than our wives and that is the bitter truth. You will not stop if you try it once.

Thanks for the opportunity, Editor. Please note that this article wasn’t written to provoke women. I just want MORE Tribers to learn from my greatest mistake in life. I am in big trouble.

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