I Had Sex With A Married Man And This Started Happening To Me

Hello Editor,

I hope all is well with you and your family. I pray you publish my story as guilt is eating up my soul. I am presently dating a married man who has been spending so much money on me.

We usually meet to have sex at different hotels and sometimes, he comes to my place. Recently, we decided to meet again for another round of intimacy.

This time around, he picked a hotel but something dramatic happened when we got there. He met someone that he knows around the place and then decided we went elsewhere to have sex.

Strangely, he suggested we moved to his matrimonial home and I was shocked. I accepted, who am I to say no. I got to his house and his wife wasn’t at home. I saw beautiful pictures of her and their lovely kids. What a happy family.

Baba didn’t waste so much time. He was very horny. He just started pulling off his clothes and dragged me into their matrimonial bed which had some of the personal effects of his wife flung around. He jumped on me and pounded me so hard like he was on drugs.  I even used his wife’s towel to clean up after the first round of sex.

In between the third round, his wife called and he confessed love to her and the kids. I was touched. I felt guilty. Men are liars!

Since the incident, I have been feeling bad. I know karma is real. I will get married someday and someone might treat me this way. The guilt is eating up my soul.

I wish to stop sleeping with the man but I can’t help it. I am an orphan and the man sponsors my education.  What am I supposed to do? How can I be free from this mental trauma?

I am banking on users on this app to give me good advice. Please no insults, I am already depressed.

Good night guys!


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