During Sex With A New Person, Never Try These 4 Things

This article applies more to the male folks but the females can also benefit from it. Sex is sweet but the truth is what is sweet also kills and it does it so fast.

When you are sleeping with a new lady or stranger, there are some risks you can’t afford to take so that the bubbly party doesn’t end in tears.

Below are some things you must avoid to prevent long and boring stories that touch:

(1) Avoid kissing the person:

I know you will think this idea is stupid. In this era of coronavirus pandemic, kissing is a risk. You didn’t test your partner and he/she might be a carrier of the deadly virus. Do other things and avoid locking lips. Some medical practitioners have advised us to wear facemasks during sex and then wash our bodies thoroughly after.

(2) Unprotected sex:

Most men have issues. Immediately they sight the vagina of a woman, they lose their senses and dive in unprotected. You are only risking your life. You don’t know the person’s sexual history as well as the antecedence of the people in his/her life. This is how some people contract aids and other STDs. You can even impregnate someone who will make your life difficult.

(3) Oral sex:

Many Nigerians have been contracting a disease called ‘Herpes’. It can’t be cured but can only be managed. It is worse when it affects the mouth which is exposed during orals. If you don’t know the person you are sleeping with very well and can vouch for their health status, suck their nipples and not their genitals. Don’t go and ‘buy market oh’.

(4) Taking drugs:

Some greedy men who want to enjoy the monies they spent on the lady have been taking sex enhancement drugs in order to stress her. This is risky to do. A friend of mine invited a lady from Calabar to Lagos. He brought those drugs, took them and in the course of marathon sex with her, the lady passed out. She had to be rushed to the hospital where she was admitted for days. It was later discovered that she was a sickler. Some ladies are sick and can’t withstand long hours of sex. If she dies under you, the police will accuse you of using her for rituals.

(5) Don’t promise her a relationship or marriage:

This one is just extra! Some men are very weak. When the doggy style is at its peak and they are about to hit the climax, they start confessing love and promising strange women marriage. They even make monetary promises. You need to control yourself because the women could use your words against you. Enjoy it, roll your eyes, moan but keep your mouth shut!

What other activities do you think one should avoid during sex with a new person? You can list them in the comment section.

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