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This Is The Sexy Kamba Lady Who Confused Our Brother

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There was this lady we were with at a local NGO company and she kept talking about her brother who had fled way from their home. They depended on the brother for livelihood since he was their breadwinner.

According to her storyline, it started when their brother who is also a clinical officer got married to a Kamba lady.

He immediately started to change in the way he used to relate them gradually withdrawing from the family and eventually bought a piece of land away from their home.

Nothing had happened between him and the family but word on the street indicated that the wife could be the main problem. That she must have misadvised the husband.

It was further rumored that his wife used witchcraft to divert his attention from the family, what she succeeded.

The family at home was left suffering, no food no nothing and even two secondary school going children dropped out of school due to lack of school fee. Their mother was taken ill.

Initially, the guy used to support the family quite well without complaining. Infact sources claim he supported unconditionally.

The level of suffering at their home was too much to bear with the mother who was diabetic failing to get the needed medical support she used to get from his son.

There was no alternative and no neighbor was coming to help save the family from collapsing.

The mother unfortunately succumbed to her condition, was buried and forgotten as the son continued to enjoy life on a big spoon with his Kamba woman.

However, one day an elderly man who felt sorry for the family sat down with them and in their discussion he advised them to allow him bring someone who will change their life for good.

They agreed with him and arranged to bring Doctor Mugwenu on board. He is described as a traditional doctor specialised in healing families.

Mugwenu interestingly promised them that their brother would be back and would continue to supporting them as was before.

In a record four days, the man appeared at home with a shopping of more than sh 10,000 and started to construct his house at his rural. He forced the wife to settle there.

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