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Sh0cking | 100 000 Prisoners Being Released For No Reason, But There’s More

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This is a very concerning problem to members of the public because it is alleged that there are 300,000 cases of DNA sampling that form the backlog in the South African Police Services, and they still have to get investigated.




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There are many more prisoners whose DNA information was never taken by the authorities; the prisoners were just arrested without any proper procedure.

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Now those suspects are being released because of the government’s incompetency to have a functioning system where prisoners who were arrested are recorded in their system, so that we can see if they have prior records.

This is the same reason why we find prisoners breaking out of the prison and robbing ordinary citizens, and in the worst-case scenario killing them.

This is all because of the government’s lack of accountability, it is quite clear that they are failing the citizens of this country.

Right now, these prisoners are going to go out and find out that there are no jobs out here, and that everyone is suffering and they will resort to what they are good at which is conducting robberies.

The logic behind the decision is release criminals while we have a high crime rate is questionable and careless of the leaders, because it is unclear whether they are releasing prisoners because prisons are full or they’re just doing it out of the goodness of their hearts.

The Gauteng province boasts the highest numbers of unregistered convicts, meaning the government doesn’t have a record with their information in the system. It is very curious that none of the government officials has come with the thought that this might not be a great idea, because it’s clearly putting people’s lives in danger.

Exposing ordinary citizens to hardened criminals is a misguided solution, on top of that the government doesn’t know exactly who these prisoners are because they didn’t take their DNA samples.

This is another concerning issue that we have, releasing hardened criminals into society is clearly showing them that they cannot imprison them since the system is broken.



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