SHAME ON THE DEVIL As Peter Obi Makes Big Announcement Amid On- Going Election In Anambra State


Before the commencement of Anambra state gubernatorial election there were rumors that the election wouldn’ t take place due to the presence of IPOB sit- at- home order and the alleged insecurity in the state.

However, IPOB sit- at- home order has been suspended and there have been no reported casualties in Anambra state during the ongoing Anambra governorship election. Due to this fact, a member of the PDP has released a statement after he cast his vote.

On Saturday, A member of the PDP and a citizen of Anambra state declared that no evil or illegal activities have been reported in any part of Anambra State on Saturday, November 6.


Peter Obi made this statement after casting his vote in his polling unit in Anambra in support of the candidate of the PDP in the Anambra state election.

During his interview with a journalist after he cast his vote, Peter Obi said ” I have always known that the governorship election in the state will be peaceful. ”


” Before the election, there have been speculations that the governorship election in the state may be marred by violence following the recent attacks in the state. I have been here since morning waiting for this process to commence. ”

” It took quite a while for the process to start, but I must say that now that they have started, it went well. But I have been getting calls all over the state. For most communities, it is the issue of non- performance of all voting materials across the state. ”


” I got calls that machines are not working and of course, here it was delayed for a long time which shouldn’ t be. There should be improvements in all these but you can see that there is not much improvement. ”

” However, now that they have started, I have voted and I believe that the voter turnout in this particular booth where I have voted and have always voted remains reasonably okay. ”


” I have always preached on several occasions that the election will be peaceful because I know it is going to be peaceful. ”

” I don’ t know what is happening across the state, but nobody has complained that there was any form of problem. ”


” The problem we have is what I have elucidated before— the issue of the late arrival of materials and the machines not working. ”

Meanwhile, the candidate of APGA has stated that he is awaiting the outcome of the poll in favor of his party.


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