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What A Shame; See The Disgraceful Thing These Fine Ladies Were Caught Doing In A Shopping Mall

It amazes me to come to terms with what people still do in the name of proving a point and justifying themselves. In my credible experience as a writer and a knowledge facilitator, I have seen people polish pebbles and darken diamonds just so they could have their ways. No matter how you look at it, what is bad is bad and needs to be written off outrightly. “Fighting is bad”, at least so says a certain seasoned writer by the name, Valentine Uchechukwu Ndukwu aka, The Mega Icon.

There is a video that has gone viral and has kept on generating comments for the very wrong reasons and, it is just bad that we are the very reason for these talks. The video captures two pretty (arguably though) looking young girls who were spotted fighting seriously and disgracing themselves to the amazement (if not) amusement of passers by.

As at the time of filing this news report, there were unconfirmed and unverifiable reports about what led to the fight. It was majorly attributed to the fact that the two girls spotted fighting in a shopping mall were actually doing so over a guy. The most pitiful part of it is that, people were watching and probably enjoying what they were watching instead of separating them.

See screenshot of their fight;

So sad, is this what we have become?

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What do you think about these two fine girls?

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