SHAMEFUL! How Igbo Gov Was Caught Bribing Top EFCC Official With $4million Ahead Of Nov 6 Anambra Election


A Southeast governor and a top national official of the Independent National Electoral Commission have ran into difficulties with security authorities over a $4 million bribe paid by the governor to sway the governorship election in Anambra State on November 6.

Last night, Saturday Vanguard learned that the desperate governor, who wants to install his favorite candidate, paid a bribe to the top electoral body official in order to get his request granted.

The massive sum of money, according to Saturday Vanguard, has already been given over to the designated recipients by the official, who is described as INEC’ s ” managing a critical organ, ” although it was unclear whether the leaders of the commission was aware of the issues.


While the embattled governor is said to be attempting to reach out to key national players in INEC in order to sway the vote in his favor, the politician’ s wife, who has been described as ” an influential and powerful first lady in the Southeast, ” is said to have been meeting secretly with many electoral officers, Eos, who are crucial to the upcoming election.

” The woman has been meeting with Electoral Officers, who run the local government offices in the state, on a daily basis and has given them her election expectations, ” a top security official familiar with the situation told Saturday Vanguard.

When Will The Gov Feel The Wrath Of Law Or He Is Above The Law?


While the security agencies may not be in a hurry to take action against the governor, there were hints last night that they would target the senior INEC official even before the elections.

A senior security official stated that the impacted INEC top shot had been under surveillance for some time and that he may be apprehended at any time for questioning and action.

” The evidence against the governor for violating his oath of office and public trust is substantial, but he is still protected under the immunity clause, so we’ ll see what happens once his protection expires, ” a top source stated. He refused to provide any other information.

Many parties are contesting the November 6 election in Anambra, with the stakes rising by the day due to the caliber of candidates and their sponsors, as well as the attempt to shift the state’ s political colors.

As of Sunday night, it was unclear whether arrests will be made in the Southeast and Abuja before or after the crucial election in three weeks.

MEANWHILE, A Igbo Gov Was Allegedly Caught On Tape Arranging With INEC Officials To Rig Rivers Election In 2016


Rivers State Governor Nyesom Wike was allegedly caught on tape on the phone with officials of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), discussing payment in exchange for their assistance in manipulating the state’ s recently finished legislative elections.

The governor arranged with INEC officials, particularly those sent from Plateau State, to rig the election for candidates of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Etche, Khana, Ikwerre, and other key local government areas in the state, according to the phone conversations obtained exclusively by SaharaReporters.

Mr. Wike made a phone call to a female INEC official who complained that the governor’ s offer of money was insufficient for the rigging job. Governor Wike, enraged, told the woman that the electoral coordinator in Plateau State had already been paid.

When Governor Wike was notified that one of the electoral officers was refusing to sign one of the result sheets, the governor threatened to get his money back from the obstinate official at one point during the conversation. Mr. Wike then threatened to kill the official, claiming that the man would not leave Rivers State alive, as if he wasn’ t happy with his threat to get his money back.


The chilling phone conversation has revealed the inner workings of Mr. Wike’ s scheme to rig the recent election in his state, as well as INEC officials’ collusion in the illegal transactions. Besides, the governor’ s intimation of violence also pointed to the possible bloody nature of the games played between politicians who fund the rigging of elections and the electoral officials who facilitate the scheme for quick, and often substantial, cash payments.

The majority of the electoral officers who handled the recently ended legislative elections in Rivers State were drafted from Plateau and Oyo States, according to a top INEC official in Abuja. He went on to say that some of the election officials came from one of the Southeastern states.

AFTERALL, APC Once Accused Police, INEC Officials Of Helping PDP To Rig Election


Security services and some officials of the Independent National Electoral Commission in Rivers state are allegedly conspiring with the Peoples Democratic Party to rig the upcoming governorship elections and assassinate its members and supporters, according to the All Progressives Congress.

The APC’ s spokesperson, Lai Mohammed, told a press conference in Abuja on Monday that the PDP and its governorship candidate, Nyesom Wike, had continued to kill and maim APC members and supporters with the help of security agents.

” Though the marauding began before the March 28th Presidential and National Assembly elections, it has gotten worse since the Governorship electors have taken office. ” he said

Last week, armed PDP thugs raided Obrikom and Obor communities in Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni local government of Rivers state, killing nine members of the party and injuring many more, according to Mr. Mohammed.


Thugs also set fire to the home of Vincent Ogbagu, the party’ s candidate for the House of Assembly elections in the seat, according to him.

Mr. Mohammed went on to say that scores of APC members have been arrested on spurious accusations in the run- up to the election.

He further claimed that at least four people were detained only for defecting to the party.

” APC members have been harassed and intimidated across the state, including the use of the police in Rivers and Zone 6 in Calabar. This unwarranted persecution has claimed the lives of over 150 prominent members ” he started


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