SHAMEFUL! See What Soldiers Are Allegedly Doing To Rescue The Officer Kidnapped From NDA - Mc Ebisco SHAMEFUL! See What Soldiers Are Allegedly Doing To Rescue The Officer Kidnapped From NDA - Mc Ebisco
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SHAMEFUL! See What Soldiers Are Allegedly Doing To Rescue The Officer Kidnapped From NDA


According to SaharaReporters, several friends and colleagues of Major Christopher Datong, who has been held captive by the bandits who invaded the Nigerian Defence Academy in Kaduna State for 17 days, are frantically trying to free him, including raising a ransom.

According to SaharaReporters, Datong’ s military allies are keeping their ransom efforts as clandestine as possible in order to avoid retaliation from the military authorities, who are still pursuing the clearly failed search- and- rescue option.

Punishments from military leaders that continue to cling to a clearly unsuccessful search- and- rescue strategy.


However, a senior military source told SaharaReporters that a ransom was being prepared among his Nigerian Army buddies to be paid to the robbers through religious negotiations.

On August 25, SaharaReporters said that after kidnapping Datong, the bandits approached military authorities and demanded a ransom of N200 million to release him.

According to SaharaReporters, the Nigerian Army and military aircraft searching for Major Datong are encountering difficulties.


” The aim is to get Datong out as soon as possible. That is to say, by all means. Chris’ pals aren’ t so silent. There’ s a lot going on behind the surface. However, you are aware that the nature of the kidnapping is humiliating. There is a military officer involved, as well as a military establishment. Some of his buddies are willing to pay money to get him released.

” The money’ s names and details are kept under wraps. To avoid implicating any officers, the family members are not participating. ” However, efforts are being made, ” the insider stated.


In a first statement, Maj Gen Benjamin Sawyer, Director, Defence Information, of the Defence Headquarters, Abuja, stated that a board of inquiry was investigating into the breach of security at the NDA.

” Let me take this opportunity to reiterate that the NDA authorities, acting on the Chief of Defence Staff’ s directive, have established a board of inquiry to determine the remote and immediate cause(s) of the security breach, with the goal of sanctioning any personnel found culpable and preventing future occurrences.

” Let me further assure you that we will keep you updated as circumstances unfold, as we are all aware that the hunt for the abducted officer is still ongoing. The Nigerian Armed Forces would continue their operations to ensure that all those responsible for the heinous act are brought to justice, ” he said.


According to a family source, Datong is still alive, according to SaharaReporters.

On Wednesday, a family member of the officer told SaharaReporters that he had not been slain and was still alive, contrary to claims.

During a briefing on September 2, the military high command refused to provide specifics about the Major’ s condition.

At a press conference at the Defence Headquarters in Abuja on Thursday, Brig Gen. Benard Onyeuko, acting director of Defence Media Operations, was asked about the kidnapped Major’ s whereabouts and stated the military would keep Nigerians informed.

” That has been exaggerated; we are all aware of the acts performed thus far. We’ ll wait for the results of the panel and the board of inquiry, and we’ ll keep you updated, ” he said.


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