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SHAMEFUL VIDEO: Drama As Family Members Exchange Heavy Blows Over Corpse

Drama as mourners exchanged kicks and heavy blows following a family dispute over who owes right of the corpse.

According to reports, the family decided to solve their differences in public through violent ways during the burial ceremony instead of talking like grown-ups.

Some of the mourners landed in the grave during the fierce fight.

The burial ceremony had to be stopped after the situation got out of hand.

Whiles some people are fighting, others have been put to humiliation. 

A young man went through the most humiliating experience ever in his life just to make his girlfriend accept his marriage proposal.

In a video circulating on social media, the boy’s girlfriend turned him down.

The Man who is yet to be identified had to lie on the ground after kneeling down to propose but to no avail.

It became a moment of cat and mouse as the guy followed the lady to beg her to take his engagement ring as the lady walked away.

Onlookers even joined to beg the girl but to no avail.

The young man even ended up crying whiles dropping a hint of plans to commit suicide if his girlfriend does not accept his proposal.

That did not even make the girl change her mind as she walked away from you concerned.

Some women can be very wicked.

I will not be surprised if he has spent a lot of money on her.

Watch the fight over the corpses below



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