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“I Shed Tears When I Saw How 50 Innocent Souls Were Cut Into Pieces By Fulani Bandits,” – FFK

There is this saying that the blood of the innocent always cry to God for vengeance. The menace of the Fulani herdsmen and some other notorious groups can’t just be overlooked. Every blessed day, we keep on hearing unthinkable and painful stories, the kind of stories we do hear or see, would surely make one ask, where is the humanity. These groups have become so deadly that you would be forced to say that they have lost their conscience and they no longer have hearts in them.

We all know that for some time now, there have been no love lost between the bad eggs among the fulani cattle herders, and Sunday Igboho’s men. The Yoruba group in a bid to protect their father’s land had asked the Fulani herdsmen whom they accused of causing havocs and insecurity to evacuate their forest reserves. The feud between these two groups got worse that it escalated into violence which led to the destruction of lives and properties.


Based on what I have read in the newspaper, and after carrying out some research, these Herdsmen are aggrieved and they felt that they haven’t been treated fairly in the society. But I begin to wonder, if violence is the best way to express greivance. The rate at which killings and kidnapping is going on in the society would make me remember the famous “Things fall apart” novel written by Chinua Achebe.

Chief Femi Fani Kayode just like every other person with conscience, came out to express his feelings after watching a video which was at viewers discretion. He revealed that tears rolled down his cheeks after he watched a video of how Innocents souls, over fifty of them were slained and cut into pieces by notorious Fulani men in Igangan town, Oyo State.


These barbaric killings is getting out of hand and I begin to wonder what on earth triggered this? How on earth did with get here? All these things happening in our society today, isn’t what Sir Ahmadu Bello, Nnamdi Azikiwe and Tafawa Balewa yearned for. They worked towards building a society where peace, unity and justice reign.

Since I was born, and now that I’m getting old, I have never seen or heard that two wrongs made a right or where violence was used to settle dispute. With the rate of insecurity in our society today, and criminal activities being on the increase, I wouldn’t be wronged to say that the heart of our fallen heroes and forefathers would be bleeding for our society because they never saw it coming.

On this juncture, I would love to hear from you guys out there. What would you suggest for peace to reign and bring back the glory days when everyone lived happily and treated eachother as one?

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