“Shey Baba Suwe Was A Joke To People”- Actress, Remi Surutu Reveals How She Got Trolled For Mourning Baba Suwe Publicly


In this article, we will be talking about a message which has been released by a popular Nigerian female on what a fan told her as she went on to mourn a popular Nigerian celebrity that just die a day ago. The death is that of a popular veteran actor in Nollywood film industry named Baba Suwe. The death of this actor was something that came as a shock because the actor that died whom is Baba Suwe is someone who is loved by many Nigerians.

The death of Baba Suwe occurred yesterday and many of Nigerian celebrities were pouring in reactions as they were mourning this death. Both actors, actress, musicians and politicians even had to come out publicly to show how they feel concerning the death of the former Nollywood actor. As all these were going on, it seemed like some people were not happy that all these celebrities had to come out publicly/on social media to do this as they feel that this is done for clout chasing.

A popular actress in the Nollywood film Industry named Remi Surutu came out to share the message she got from her follower who texted her for mourning Baba Suwe publicly. The follower asked her if Baba Suwe was a joke to them that they had to wait for journalists to post him before they do. Remi Surutu first replied saying that she didn’ t get what the follower is complaining about.

She now warned that people think they can go into the direct message of any celebrity and say what they like about a serious matter. She declared that she doesn’ t do things for the gram to show she’ s mourning. She now said that she is living her life for the follower, so he doesn’ t have the right to ask why he didn’ t post Baba Suwe’ s death on time.

Source: Mcebiscoo.com

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